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Reflections and Prophecies on the Parallel World of Value

Reflections and Prophecies on the Parallel World of Value
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Reflections and Prophecies on the Parallel World of Value

  1. The innate digital assets of everyone, which are the fundamental assets, are the value base for building the Internet of value.

  2. UBI comes from within each individual, not from outside. That means everyone is born with their own UBI.

  3. Current blockchain technology is in the hands of geeks, who arbitrarily quantify the value. Because of the different understanding of value, quantify all kinds of unbelievable so-called value. Caught in the dazzling technical value and community value, we will be easy to lose the direction.

  4. The future of technology focuses on quantifying fundamental values. Everything on the Internet has quantified by information, and fundamental values will become the fifth element of the Internet. The first four are text, picture, voice, and video.

  5. The emergence of the fifth element marks the entry of human civilization into a whole new dimension, and the parallel world of value has become apparent.

  6. The evolution of the parallel world of value divide into three stages: I. Technical value and community value stage. II. Fundamental value stage. III. Elemental value stage.

  7. The first stage has gone through more than ten years, represented by Bitcoin with technical value. Dogecoin, Shiba, etc., with community value and ETH with both technical and community value.

  8. With the development of quantum computers, Post-quantum assets became the new star of technical assets and people’s immediate needs.

  9. Community value is gradually extracted in DAOs and metaverse, and traditional platforms will join the competition, Discord, Facebook.

  10. Thanks to technological advancement, the second phase is coming, making it possible to quantify the fundamental value. The underlying technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. ( People are becoming more aware of the fundamental value.

  11. The metaverse with the most fundamental value will be the final winner and the permanent settlement of digital people.

  12. The mapping of fiat currency in the world of value (stablecoin or one basic coin) becomes the enormous fundamental value at the moment; the revolution (defi) of traditional finance is starting a fire, epoch-making decentralized spot, futures, options, escrow, OTC is rising (CHNG

  13. The third phase is coming earlier than I expected; the Internet of Things development will quantify the value of elements (such as precise location) at high speed. (

  14. The most accessible fundamental value to quantify is human social relationships, address books, social accounts, and other essential social relationships. (pi network)

  15. Tools to convert text, images, voice, and videos into NFT will be popular, NFT platform and ecology will flourish. (Arweave, Mirror, Opensea). Everything can be NFT.

  16. The development of NFT is the inevitable result of quantifying imagination and creativity in fundamental human values.

  17. Various DAO organizations are increasing and producing a steady stream of base currency with different task models.

  18. Several cryptocurrencies will be discovered, which are the fundamental consensus of value for humanity on multiple physical and spiritual levels. They will surpass any known cryptocurrency in a short time.